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Constipation - are you regular?

So many of us wrongly think that we must visit the toilet everyday.

Not everyone?s bowel movements are the same.  ?For some people going to the toilet twice a day is normal, while for others going twice in two days may be normal,? say Self Care Pharmacists.

It is when your cycle changes from what is normal for you that you can consider whether you might be constipated.

Different things can cause constipation, such as not eating enough fibre in your diet or not exercising enough.  Some medicines and diseases of the intestine also cause constipation.  Worrying a lot and mental stress can also cause you to become constipated.  Pregnant women tend to get more constipated because of hormone changes in their body.

When you are constipated your stools can become hard and you will strain to pass a motion.  You may not pass stools as often as you used to either.

?You should identify the cause of your constipation first before treating it,? recommend Self Care pharmacists.  ?If you are simply constipated because of your diet, then start by drinking lots of fluid in a day (preferably water).  About eight to 10 glasses are good.  Eat plenty of fibre such as fruit, vegetables, wholemeal breads and cereals, but remember to drink plenty of water with these.  Increase fibre in your diet slowly over a few weeks to avoid wind.? 

Any form of regular exercise such as walking everyday will get your bowel moving and will help relieve constipation.

?However if you have severe constipation laxative medicines can help,? suggest Self Care pharmacists.  ?There are various types of laxatives and each works differently.?

For example softeners help with hard stools and stimulant laxatives help to stimulate your bowel if you have not passed a motion for several days.

Some people need to take medicines that can cause constipation as a side effect. In this case your doctor may prescribe laxatives that help to bulk up your stool.  These bulk forming laxatives make your stool softer and easier to pass through.

?You should only use laxatives for a short time,? caution Self Care pharmacists.  ?If you make a habit of using stimulant laxatives, your bowels will become lazy and may take a long time to get back to normal.?

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